"Knowledge brings success; wisdom brings fulfillment."

Master Del Pe  |  Founder of WILGA and Master Mentor






Inter-American Development Bank

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), India

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Central Bank of Ecuador

The World Bank


Organization of American States

Armed Forces of the Philippines

Foreign Affairs, South Africa

Presidential Management Staff, Philippines

Presidential Office of Colombia

Civil Service Commission/CHRMP, Philippines


Abbot Laboratories, Brazil and Colombia

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ecuador

Baxter, Valenzuela

Bayer, Puerto Rico

Tyco, Mexico

GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia

Kyäni, Philippines



Coca-Cola, Colombia and Ecuador

Jolibee Corporation

McCann Erikson, Colombia

Royal FIC, Brazil

Nobis, Ecuador


United Nations, Spiritual Society

Jolibee Foundation

Rotary International

World Food Expo, Dubai

YPO, Colombia and Philippines


National Olympic Diving Team, USA

National Soccer Team, Costa Rica

Fitstreet, Philippines


Harvard Business School OPM, USA

Department of Education, Philippines

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA

Institute for the Future, USA

De La Salle University, Philippines


Sony, USA

Siemens, USA

IBM, Colombia

Hewlett-Packard, USA

OSSCube, India and USA

Sahara Group IT, India


VODACOM, South Africa

South African Broadcasting Corp. (SABC)

National Corporation of Telecom., Ecuador

COLVATEL, Colombia

Master Del Pe

Founder and Master Mentor

Master Del Pe is a global leadership expert and life mentor to CEOs, top executives, corporations, world leaders and governments. He mentors heads of governments and corporations and equips them with universal models of leadership and performance that have been tested and validated globally.  


He has dedicated his life training and mentoring top leaders and authoring books. During the last two decades, he has trained over 400,000 people in more than 100 countries. 


His mission is to help executives and professionals to lead in life. He has offered training seminars, customized coaching‐mentoring sessions, and visionary intuitive consulting to teams from many Fortune 500 companies including Colgate‐Palmolive, Sony, IBM, Abbott Laboratories, Coca‐Cola, The World Bank, SABC, Vodakom and the 2004 US Olympics diving team. 


These programs equip professionals to lead in life. They have helped transform managers into leaders, and leaders into visionary leaders of leaders. They have also helped organizations transform their work culture into agile, diversity‐sensitive and highly productive workplaces. 

Master Del Pe’s programs help executives and their teams with quick and effective strategies to maximize their performance while balancing their life. They also offer stress and fatigue management strategies for all leaders and their staff, to have sustainable productivity without burnout. 

Master Del Pe uniquely integrates the best of Eastern Wisdom and Western Practicality by combining his background as an engineer and entrepreneur with his mastery of martial arts, the science of energy management, meditation and healing. Through his teachings, he brings alive the concept of ‘Flying high with 2 wings - Spiritual and Material’ to help people live their greatest life and be totally fulfilled.  

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