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This personal service is aimed to keep leaders out of trouble and away from health challenges so that they can continue to perform at the top of their games with sustainably high energy. The mentoring, done in a one-on-one format, usually starts with a discovery session to evaluate the health challenge, crises or any personal requirement of the leader. An intuitive reading and psychic scanning are usually performed by our world-class seers and/or Master Del Pe. This service offers 2, 5, 10 or 15 session-packages and even yearly or monthly retainer programs.


The complete Self-Care Service is composed of two-fold delivery as follows:

Personal healing sessions done with a healing specialists and intuitive reader or seer (online, in-person or in a retreat setting at Master Del Pe’s BEinshape centers or MDP Village)

Personal Healing

  1. Personal healing service: In-person or online for any health condition, life threatening situation, life extension or crises management.

  2. Personal intuitive reading:  Evaluation of your energy-body condition and scanning of your Total Health Quotient (in-person or online). This service also covers the readings of the human auras (3 layers) and the complete chakra system, including specialized scanning of over 16 components.


Self-Care healing specializations cover a big spectrum such as, but not limited to:

  • Depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues

  • Multi-addiction, vices and healing their side-effects

  • Pain of all kinds and their karmic origins

  • ADD/ADHD and learning/concentration problems

  • Life-threatening conditions: HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc.

  • Sexual dysfunctions and disorders

  • Perimenopause and hormonal issues

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Diabetes and its side-effects

  • Crises and life challenges of any kind

  • Dark Night of the Soul Syndrome and other psycho-spiritual challenges

  • Longevity and anti-ageing sessions

A well-crafted training program that will equip the leader with self-healing tools and a Self-Care strategy which includes healing meditations and bio-mechanical exercises with breathing science. A course on mastering your vitality and energy medicine is one of the main components of the curriculum with 6 workshops (which are also available online).

Training Curriculum: Online or in a Retreat Setting (optional)


1. LEVEL 1: Courses on Self-Healing Strategies and Meditation

  • JustBEalive: 4 step self-healing techniques applying martial arts-yoga (1.5 hours)

  • JustBEfree: self-healing meditation (1.5 hours)

  • BEwellscience: Healing science course, Basic level (9 hours)


2. LEVEL 2: Courses on Advanced Self-Healing Strategies and Meditation

  • JustBEaligned: 2-step self-empowerment techniques (1.5 hours)

  • Inner Renewal: advanced self-healing meditation (1.5 hours)

  • BEwell science: Intermediate level Healing Course (12 hours)

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