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Enlightening the Organization's Soul

Every organization has an energy field made up of the aggregate consciousness of the top leaders, management and the workforce. Organizations or corporations also have their energy blockages, overall intelligence and stress which affect the daily affairs of the organization, the people they employ and the customers they serve. When the top leaders are not wise and aligned, this affects the management, workforce and the whole organization through wrong governance and business models. The management acts as the bridge between the workforce and the top leaders, so it will also affect both the ranks above and below them. A highly stressed, volatile and troublesome workforce will negate the results of the top and middle.


For a company or organization to grow and enjoy sustainability, a slow curve of growth and development will not be effective against the erosion of the global economy. Thus, the top and middle executives should not only be successful and dynamic but also be balance, aligned and wise. The workforce should be healthy, happy and productive enjoying their work and family life. The organization’s soul becomes wholesome and continues to contribute to its staff, clients and to society at large.


Life mentoring, healing and Intuitive readings are the preferred services given to top leaders because these are most effective to meet their needs. Personal Mentoring customized through Self-Care, Self-Development and Self-Mastery are effective to suit their next steps. The management will be offered group training to spread the wisdom strategies and life tools faster. The workforce will be trained in bigger numbers to address their immediate needs of stress and fatigue management and also their need to be balanced and productive.


Top and Senior Leaders


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