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Become a Certified Specialist, Trainer, Coach or Mentor

Master Del Pe’s wealth of experience has been distilled into WILGA’s dedicated certification lines to help you grow on your journey and become a certified trainer, coach or mentor. Using breakthrough strategies and advanced psychology, WILGA certifications provide tools to coaches and trainers to empower their work while bringing profound transformation in their clients. Graduates get equipped to guide, coach or mentor professionals, executives and leaders to make a quantum leap in self-care, self-development or self-mastery for a more balanced personal life, productive professional life and a more enlightened society. 


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Aimed to keep leaders and workforce out of trouble and away from health challenges so that they can continue to perform at the top of their game with high energy and longevity of performance.

  1. Self-Care Trainer and Specialist

Business Consultation


Designed to equip leaders, managers and their teams with life-tools and strategies to maximize their career performance while balancing their lives. This self-fulfillment will directly result in higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

  1. Fengshui and Manifesting Specialist

  2. Balanced-Life Strategist

  3. Breakthrough Specialist and Personality Profiler

  4. Self-Development Specialist

  5. Self-Development Senior Specialist

  6. Self-Development Mentor

  7. Self-Development Master Trainer and Mentor

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Created to transform leaders and executives to develop their full potential through the path of self-mastery by unfolding their 5 levels of ascending intelligence, including intuition and wisdom.

  1. Advanced Human Intelligence and Decision-Making Mentor

  2. Third Eye Initiation Facilitator and Specialist

  3. Divine Alchemy Facilitator and Specialist

  4. Spiritual Technology Facilitator and Specialist

  5. Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy Facilitator and Specialist

  6. Self-Mastery Mentor

  7. Self-Mastery Master Trainer and Mentor


Balanced-Life Strategist Certification

May 27 - October 10, 2024

Who can join?

Coaches, mentors, executives, leaders, professionals and servers who want to be at the frontier of global advancement by bringing wisdom in leaders around the world and developing a balanced life for conscience-driven entrepreneurs. This career path is for those who want to elevate others from the level of personal success to inner fulfillment. The Balanced Life Strategist Certification is best suited for those who want to help clients harness their power of professional performance while balancing the different aspects of their life. Prior coaching/mentoring experience is not mandatory, however a few years of professional, executive, managerial or leadership experience is recommended. This program is for people who want to grow, serve and earn through a more advanced and intelligent service.

Online Courses (Starting May 27)

  • JustBE alive

  • JustBE free

  • Maximizing Performance While Balancing Life

  • 7 Cycles of Life, Level 1

  • BEwell Science, Level 1

  • BEwell Science, Level 2

  • 5 Laws of Manifestation and Abundance, Level 1                

Main Retreat Curriculum (June 28 - July 10)

I. Advanced Theory and Applications

  • Trinity of Enlightened Leadership

  • Maximizing Performance While Balancing Life

  • 7 Cycles of Life, Level 1

  • 7 Cycles of Life, Level 2

  • BEwell Science, Level 1

  • BEwell Science, Level 2

  • 5 Laws of Manifestation and Abundance, Level 1

  • Balanced Life Mentoring Protocols & Procedures

  • Always Ahead Program Part 1: What’s Going on in the World?

  • Always Ahead Program Part 2: How Does the World Really Work?


II. Intensive Training and Skill Set Development

  • JustBE alive Coaching Methods

  • JustBE free Coaching Methods

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Mastering Your Communication & Public Speaking

  • How to Get Started as a WILGA Balanced-Life Strategist

  • Brainstorming and Group Think Tank Work

  • Game Planning

III. Special Features Practicum

  • Team building and behavioral modification (handy work, sports, trekking, outdoor training, kitchen and food preparation)

  • Survival and sustainability (will-power and stamina development, survival and self-defense training, agricultural and community greening project)

  • Entertainment (karaoke practice, dance practice, games, joke section)

  • Local shopping and flea market experience

  • Hot springs pool wellness

After the Retreat (July 13 - October 10)

  • Practicum = 100 hours (3.5 to 4 months after the retreat)

  • Facilitation and Mentoring = 12 hours

  • Examinations and Graduation (October 10)


PHP 274,400.00 - Balanced-Life Certification Program​

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