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The Wisdom Institute is deeply dedicated to find the right leaders who are ready to make quantum leaps in their development and help them to positively disrupt their ‘life charts’. We want to contribute to the well-being of the planet and the advancement of global consciousness through training leaders who will become the power influencers of our current humanity and the world at large, even beyond our modern times. 

The Self-Mastery program offers a new Enlightened-Life path for leaders who are more advanced in spiritual development or want to accelerate their inner development in order to serve at the highest possible level in this life. The Self-Mastery path is a fast-track training to achieve enlightened leadership in just a few years. The curriculum applied by advanced soul humans to become saints and masters is included in this program. 


The hope of the world today is to accelerate the awakening of leaders into the highest level of spiritual achievement so that this united band of world servers, working for the greater good of humanity, will surpass the power of the Darker Side groups. Aside from cultivating wisdom and conscience in leaders, the intelligentsia and the more awakened humanity will channel goodwill to foster right human relations globally. The training for advancing the leader’s soul through the development of the 5 levels of ascending intelligence is one of the main components of the curriculum. The advanced soul leaders and those who are ready will take the Third Eye Initiation curriculum early on in their training. Esoteric psychology and spiritual science covering a wide and deep penetration of the universal laws will be an integral part of the Self-Mastery Path.


The Self-Mastery program is the more advanced training of leaders and the graduation of the Wisdom Institute’s clients and students because it is in this program that they will be trained to become spiritual initiates and world servers. Through these trained enlightened leaders come the best leaders of the world who will channel a new enlightened vision of a new humanity and a new enlightened world. If you don’t pick up the tab now, your children or children’s children will. It has to be done.

Personal Mentoring: This engagement needs a minimum of 5 one-hour sessions and preferably 2 times every month after the leader has taken the required courses. How far one would like to go and how fast one wants to achieve enlightenment will determine the intensity and frequency of mentoring and training.

  1. Enlightened-Life Mentoring: In-person or online for spiritual mentoring, wisdom development and awakening the heart of the leader (all levels of Self-Mastery). The mentor also helps to unblock the leader’s karmic issues from the past in order to accelerate the soul awakening.

  2. Personal Intuitive Reading and Charting: Uncovering the client’s status, level of enlightenment and awakening by reading the soul and charting the different spiritual indicators via the auras. This service is also done periodically to monitor the student and calibrate the delivery of the courses.

1. Level 1, Enlightened-Life Seminar Series:

  • The Trinity of Enlightened Leadership (4 hours)

  • Philosophical and Therapeutic Martial Arts-Yoga, Level 1 (4 sessions of 8 hours)

  • 8 Types of Leaders (8 hours)

  • 5 Levels of Ascending Intelligence, Level 1 (5 days+ of 50 hours+)

  • Growing Stronger and Wiser through Change (8 hours)

  • Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy (10 hours)


2. Level 2, Enlightened-Life Seminar Series:

  • Third Eye Initiation Level 1 (5 days/50 hours, plus 6 augmentation lectures and mentoring of 12+ hours over 6 months)

  • Esoteric Psychology 101 (10 hours)

  • Philosophical and Therapeutic Martial Arts-Yoga, Level 2 (4 sessions of 8 hours)

  • 5 Levels of Ascending Intelligence, Level 2 (5 days/50 hours in a retreat setting)


3. Level 3, Enlightened-Life Seminar Series

  • Third Eye Initiation Level 2 (5 days/50 hours, plus 6 augmentation lectures of 12+hours over 6 months)

  • Esoteric Psychology 102 (10 hours)

  • Philosophical and Therapeutic Martial Arts-Yoga, Level 3 (4 sessions of 8 hours)

  • 5 Levels of Ascending Intelligence, Level 3 (5 days/50 hours in a retreat setting)

Training Curriculum: Online or In-person in a Retreat Setting

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