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The Wisdom Institute offers a creatively adaptable array of services combining personal mentoring for the leader to achieve a balanced-life path and a training program focused on equipping the leader with new wiser attitudes and advanced life skills. Mentoring sessions can be booked with Master Del Pe himself or his highly trained life mentors and intuitive seers.


This personal mentoring service provides the complete assessment of the 5 key areas of life, namely Family and Home Life, Career and Work Life, Health and Recreational Life, Social Life and Environmental Contribution, and Spiritual Life. The client is made aware that these areas can be successfully bundled into a Life Path to bring complete balance and self-fulfillment. The mentor, along with the Intuitive Seer, identifies the highest potential life purpose or next big step for the leader, and helps them to discover their blind spots in order to work against these pitfalls ahead of time. The mentor will work with the client to chart his or her current Life Chart and audit his or her life expenditure to come up with the best use of the remaining years of his or her life.


The other important aspect of the Self-Development program is equipping the leader with Wisdom Strategies and new life-tools to be able to sustain the positive change and spearhead his or her newfound Balanced-Life Path. The Self-Development curriculum has been employed by Master Del Pe for his leader clients not only to increase their power of decision-making but also their ability to forecast the best timing for execution of their game plans. It develops the wisdom of the clients’ character even for their roles as parents, corporate leaders or social transformers.

Be the best and lead the rest. Become the most sought after ‘leader of leaders’ not only in the market place but also at home. That is a big service you can do with the remaining years of your life. That is a path in itself.

- Master Del Pe

A. Personal Mentoring

  • Balanced-Life Strategy (BLS) Mentoring: In-person or online for balancing the 5 key areas of life and integrating them into one’s life path. This includes unblocking of life’s issues and working against the one’s seeds of failure. The mentor will help chart your current expenditure of life and audit each of your 5 key areas to identify the traps and blockages in your life then a new destiny life chart will be created to mold the best events of the future.

  • Intuitive Reading and forecast chart: Reading on the main problem areas of life and best options ahead.  This also cover the charting of the 7 cycles of life for maintaining your best choices, positioning decisions according to the best timing and creating a new game plan to sustain the most positive changes in your life.


B. Training Curriculum: Online or in a Retreat Setting 

The majority of the Self-Development curriculum is not taught anywhere else. Master Del Pe studied diligently the life of leaders from different cultures, education, religion or financial status through his mentoring and healing sessions internationally. He identified the causes why there is an imbalance in leaders’ life and performance. The training program provides the leaders the missing pieces of the puzzle and how leaders can move from mere success to balance and eventually to self-fulfillment. Original breakthrough concepts and solutions to the blind spots of a leader’s life are included in the Self-Development training.  The training involves the sharpening of new missing aptitudes and honing new wiser attitudes of the leader.  There are 2 levels to engage the client for a few months of mentoring and inner training.

1. Courses on how to balance the 5 Key Areas of Life and transform your success into self-fulfillment

     - Maximizing Performance While Balancing Your Life

     - 8 Key Virtues to Live Your Greatest Life

2. Integrative decision-making and wise forecasting

     - 7 Cycles of Life, Level 1

     - 7 Types of Decision-Making 

3. Public speaking and communications for leaders

     - Leadership Communication Mastery, Level 1

4. Materialization of goals through energy techniques

     -5 Laws of Manifestation and Abundance, Level 1

5. Parenting and family course

     - Quality Parenting for Modern Families

Advanced courses on Self-Development

1. Advanced integrative decision-making and wise forecasting 

     - 7 Cycles of Life, Level 2

2. Public speaking and communications for leaders

     - Leadership Communication Mastery, Level 2

3. Materialization of goals through energy techniques

     - 5 laws of Manifestation and Abundance, Level 2 

4. Parenting and family courses

     - Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy 

     - Quality Parenting for Advanced-Soul Children

Second Level Curriculum

First Level Curriculum

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